Kids Music: Like Apples for Orangutans

Orangutan Van by Steve Songs starts like a trip back to the 1980's new wave explosion, a la Frankie Goes to Hollywood or Pet Shop Boys, with a blend of electronica and pop and rap.   "Recess Rocks" gets things moving and invites kids to get up and move to the music. The super slick "Superhero You" continues this vein, taking it into more urban pop/boy band territory. Things slow down to a fun free association alphabet song, "A Is For Silly" where Songs sings a duet with Silly the puppet. The title track is another silly song that takes a world music trip in the vein of Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al". With "All In This Together" Steve Songs takes a Dave Mathews inspired ride thru civil rights history. And that is one thing about this album that kids will either like or not, that Steve Songs is all over the place with his musical styles, dipping into one style or genre of music for each song, which if problematic for some kids, keeps things from getting in a same sounding rut that too often infests kids music for others. In the end tho, Orangutan Van as the title suggests is an album that is all about having fun.

Orangutan Van by Steve Songs is out now.

A CD was provided for review.