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Mott 50 sun protective clothing

It may be wishful thinking, but I'm already moving on to summer in my mind. Summer for those of us who are overly pale always means a love-hate relationship with the bright and shinning Sun. And looking for ways to allow our mutual co-existence without a whole lot of pain and suffering.  Everyone should always be sun aware, but sometimes it just seems like a huge pain. Even though I burn in seconds, I'm not always as careful as I should be with the sunscreen, so sun protective gear is always a big help. It's even better when that gear does not make me feel like a frumpy, dumpy old mess. A rash guard is great for protection, but not always the look I'd prefer. Pair that with a pair of board shorts & a hat in the pool and I may as well just stay home.

Mott 50 offers not just sun protective clothing, but sun protective fashion. Their lovely line offers super cute options, for pool, beach and every day, that offer UV protection and style in the same package. You'll find dresses, tops, hats, pants, skirts, cover ups and even some pretty cool rash guards. Some of my favorites are the navy & mint striped Hvar Boatneck Dress, the Connolly Wrap Dress, the navy Kho Phi Phi Cargo Dress, green LuLu Windbreaker & that very clever Santa Cruz Swim Top with the adjustable length (shown above left and below, wear it up or pull it down for a full coverage mini dress, perfect hanging out at the kiddie pool where I will spending a huge chunk of my summer). I'm told a similar line for children in on the way, so stay tuned. Visit the Mott 50 site for more details and to view the full line.