Killing Cats Is Hard

“A Boy Named Sue” is his name.

Killing cats is hard.

Blue clouds
hounding me
since Monday,
they know
it’s coming
before I do,

three days later
he’s in the litter,
jumps out,
he falls,
gets up,
lays down
in it,

my wife cleans it,
goes to work,

there is pus and blood and bile
when I come home
I scoop it out of his left eye
and he very badly needs to die,
I wait with him
for the long walk down the short block to the doc,
I clean him,
steady water running
out the wheels on my face,
I am leaking,
he purrs, works that engine,
I bet he purrs against the death needle,
his eyes on mine we’re friends,
three girlfriends,
one wife
and a beautiful little daughter -
and now you have to leave?