House Tour: our house


I'm working on a whole series of posts on our current house. The first I've managed to actually complete was last week's post on our dining room table (there's a much better shot of the table in here too). I've got more in the works on everything from more Ikea hacks to redoing the kitchen. Most just need the photos dropped in, so soon they shall start rolling out. We moved in more than 5 years ago with the intention of staying for 3, but we keep putting off moving on and keep making changes. We've just listed the house and are hoping to find a new fixer upper to start work on soon. If we can find something we love (in a super, yucky, ugly ducking with potential kind of way) that is. These are the rough cut from the listing photos. More to come soon and if we do find a new house to work on, I'll be documenting that from the beginning.

If you know anyone looking for a pretty house near NYC, the details can be found here.