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This is once gain the time of year when all we are really thinking about is selling our pretty, pretty house if we can find a sufficiently ugly one to take on instead. Sounds kinda nutty doesn't it. Well, it is and it's way too time consuming. Add Spring Break to that and this has been a way too busy week to think about anything at all. I'm trying though to pop in a few things here, if I can, to wrap up the week. It's hard typing quickly while fighting off the little hands trying to take the computer back.

We, of course love Adam Stennett, so this is something we're please to point out. Limited Edition Skate Decks and T-Shirts for Timeless Select. 

It's Searsucker time at Betabrand. I love Seersucker and I love that Betabrand always does it their own way. I LOVE the gray Seersucker shorts, the wrap dresses are super fun and of course, the seersucker pants are super cool in every way. Visit the Suckelab to see it all. 

kurt vile, walkin on a pretty daze

kurt vile, walkin on a pretty daze

Kurt Vile Interview

This week Pitchfork posted their interview with Kurt Vile to coincide with the release of his 5th album Wakin on a Pretty Daze, out on Matador. You can read it on their site and to get you started, I've included the video for "Never Run Away" below.