nest: hacking it {in the living room}

Our IKEA hacked Media Console/Storage Unit

So when we were getting ready to list our house last year my mother insisted we rework the end of our living room that housed our television. She said we needed something that would hide all of the yucky bits. She also suggested something really big to fill the end and pull out the look of the room. It sounded crazy and like the opposite of what we needed, but I agreed to look for something. And I looked everywhere, but everything seemed way too expensive or wouldn't arrive in time. So, when all else fails, we turn to IKEA. I had seen a console table on Pinterest using an Ikea EXPEDIT shelf and some baskets that I had liked and my mother had seen a room with an IKEA BESTA combination that she suggested we look at. After trying all sorts of combinations of other pieces from IKEA and elsewhere in my planning phase I settled on combining those 2 original ideas into one unit. It would be relatively inexpensive, easy to pick up and assemble in the weekend we had left and wouldn't look like it came straight off the wall at IKEA. And it would thought it might fit in well with the rest of our house. 

Pieces used are 2 white high gloss EXPEDIT units, one BESTÅ Shelf unit, 2 white BESTÅ VASSBO doors with push locks, BRANÄS baskets, expedit high gloss doors and my favorite part the cute clear SÄTTA plastic kitchen knobs ($1.99 for 6) that look like lucite knobs and fade out instead of interrupting the overall look like the EXPEDIT handles seemed to do.  It's screwed together with brackets in the back plus a few screws between the BESTA and EXPEDIT for stability (as well as secured to the wall for safety). And to get rid of the cable box, an IR repeater and plenty of large circulation holes drilled into the back of the cabinet.  The room does look bigger and brighter despite the fact that its a huge piece of furniture. Overall, we are very pleased.




One of the final listing photos

One of the final listing photos