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Our house is currently for sale, which has been causing no end of distracting events, mostly relating to the house(s) we have been trying to buy. House 1 disappeared on us suddenly (not literally of course) and finding house 2 has put a rather big wrench in the works. It's been all I can manage to deal with for what seems like 2 years, but is actually just about a week I think. Anyway, I'm trying really hard right now to wrench my brain back out of that and back into this. I'm starting with a transitional attempt, a mini-intervention of sorts. Thinking about the house, but working on  the website at the same time. We'll see how it goes. I've been meaning to run through the house anyway and here it goes, not how I meant to start off, but it seems to be an easy way in for my over-taxed brain. 

SPRINGKORN duvets & pillows, GEMO outdoor cushions (al from IKEA) & train prints from ETSY

Recently, I wrote a post on my sons' new bunk bed. It's been a very popular post, so I'm starting with their room. When we weren't sure if we were going to be moving as soon as we had originally planned, we decided to start working on ways to make the house work really well for us to stay for as long as necessary. First adjustment was adapting the bedroom used by all 3 boys to better fit their beds and still allow them room to play when they wanted. Previously, the floor was pretty much filled with their KURA bunk bed and a twin mattress on the floor to accomodate all 3. When they needed the floor space, we had to move the mattress which wasn't really practical for every day. The Ikea TROMSO bunk bed with trundle was the solution we came up with and it transformed their room from having almost no floor space to a room they can easily play in, have "alone time" in or entertain friends.  We also let them pick some new bedding, pillows and a new paint color. They really liked the old color, but after extensive holes & patching throughout the room for the electrical work we had done just after moving in, it really needed to be repainted. The new color is Benjamin Moore "Icy Moon Drops", chosen just as much for the name as for the color. It's a perfect blue and I love it. The new SPRINGKORN duvets and SPRINGKORN & GRENO pillows are from Ikea, the rug is Striped Poodle from Flor (sadly no longer available), the art is a combination of train photos purchased from Etsy, sun prints we made one afternoon & a super fab poster from Ron Liberti. 

Sun prints & Ron Liberti's Neil Diamond All-Stars poster


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