Our house: progress report

This is another attempt at a mobile post because we are still surrounded by boxes and totally out of sorts. We lost several days in the house before moving in, first to closing delays and then to electrical issues. The good news is that we have a huge brand new electrical panel. The bad news is that we didn't even make much more than a ding in our unpacking.

This house need huge amounts if work. Now that we are in it with all of our mountains of stuff, we can see that much needs to be done before we can really unpack. The kitchen has almost no cabinet space, so we can't unpack much of anything. Which at this point is not as bad as it could be because we still have no stove. The refrigerator went crazy on Saturday and after a visit from the plumber, we were very lucky to be able to have an emergency replacement delivered on Sunday. It's tiny, but since we can't cook yet, not so bad for now. Hopefully soon we will have the necessary new stove,washer, dryer, dishwasher and full size refrigerator. We also made our first mega trip to Ikea for masses of shelving in attempt to be able to unpack a bit more. We have always used Elfa shelving for our closets, but this time we are giving the Ikea Algot a shot. Figuring out how to get it to work with our demented closets was a huge puzzle compared to the ease of the Elfa, but it was fast and oh so much less expensive. And I managed to whack the eagle off the front of the house with a very nice stick on the way to Ikea, so another plus for that trip.

So, on that note, things are way backed up her in every way, but in between painting, flooring, hanging blinds and shelves we will try our best to start posting again soon. I have reviews just about ready to go for laserpegs, lullaby paints, the world almanac for kids 2014 (my sons do not go anywhere without this book), myself belts and a huge list of others  just waiting for me to have an actual computer ready to work at.

Lots more to come soon.