hello again!


I've been missing for awhile, but I am making a concerted effort to pull myself back together. I have many excuses and all have pretty much given me an excuse to just honestly ignore this poor sad site. I intended that once we were moved into the new house and school was in full swing that I would really start working here again. Schedules, plans, work. But instead of everything slowing down enough that I could get my foot back in the door, it all just took off. My mind has been shrink wrapped up tight in house plans. We have had a huge run of sicky yuckness at home that has slowly dragged on for well, months with multiple trips to doctor, urgent car and even twice to the ER. It has sucked. And to top it off I have agreed to a 2 year commitment to act as Communications officer on the board of my daughter's preschool. I knew it would take up a bit if my time, but it's taking up much, much more than I expected. But because I love my daughter and I love her school it's worth it. And each day ticks on while I just push my lonely website out of my mind. In fact when I find myself thinking of what I want to do here, I just click that switch off. But, no more. 

I've made a list. First step in my recovery is to make a list. I'm pulling myself out of this black hole and getting back to work if it kills me. So of course a list is in order. I'm breaking it down to what I think I can manage without pushing myself over a precipice. It's a simple plan that I can handle or will at least aim to meet. I'm now lazy and out of shape. I know I can't jump back in and not pass out on the floor. Kind of like I did when I did my first hour of Pilates after an 8 year break last week. But I am pulling myself back body and spirit with lists and schedules and palatable little bites that my soft and resistant mind can manage. 

It might be spotty at first but there will be life popping back up here as often as I can squeeze coherent thought out of my addled brain. To prove my dedication at just diving in, I wrote up my list and then started typing this up on my phone. It's a snow day, we have  a foot of snow outside, give or take a bit, negative wind chill, I'm surrounded by 4 insane children in pajamas and all computers are taken, so I'm pugging away on my iPhone. 
And I will keep plugging. Though right now, my thumbs are getting a bit tired.