Kids Music: Monster Music

With Halloween approaching Tales From the Monstrosity Scrolls by Rainbow Beast and the Rock Band Land Rockers might be a perfect album for your little ghouls. From the first sounds of this album, you have a feeling that this is not your ordinary kids music experience. Sounding musically similar to an early Flaming Lips, Tales From The Monstrosity Scrolls plunges into weirdness and oddity from the first song, "Happy Clouds", with a war between clouds and birds and a chorus of "the weather is getting dangerous." Followed by such characters such the girl in "Ice Girl" and the inviting suspending nature in "Pool Of Light" or the penguin Charlie in "Fish Wife", the songs on this album veer from goofy weirdness to goofy weirdness, which is not surprising since the members of Rainbow Beast act as mentors, curators and interpreters for the kids of Rock Band Land (more info on what Rock Band Land is can be found here). The music here is upbeat and driving for the most part, with exceptions such as the carnivalesque "The Truth About Polar Bears", with a kids bopz twist of choral groups (the Rock Band Land Rockers) singing along, but the lyrics are throughout a blend of Edward Gorey and Dr. Seuss, fun and playful but with a slightly menacing feel. Rainbow Beast and The Rock Band Land Rockers are definitely a unique experience and not for all kids but the songs on Tales From The Monstrosity Scrolls would probably be lots of fun for kids who find affinity with Tim Burton movies like The Nightmare before Christmas or fans of the  R.L. Stine Goosebumps series of books, being songs which embrace weirdness and the grotesque in the funniest way possible.



Tales From the Monstrosity Scrolls by Rainbow Beast and the Rock Band Land Rockers is out now. 



A CD was provided for review.