things we love: cuff

Cuff is really pretty awesome. It's a piece of smart jewelry, that is, in fact, rather smart. Cuff is a little piece of hardware that fits into a variety of jewelry pieces that actually look like proper jewelry. Once on, it manages to link into your phone to alert you of calls and text, tracks your activity throughout the day and, most importantly, helps keep you safe. Cuff can be programed to send out an emergency alert to a list of your chosen contacts, so that with a quick touch, they are alerted if you need help and they can hear audio from your location, so they know what's happening. The Cuff keeps calling until you get a response. The Cuff charges via a cord or in an optional jewelry box charger which can also house all of the options available to carry your cuff. You can choose from a keychain to a silicone sports band to a slew of necklaces and bracelets. The Cuff and cord charger are $29 with bands starting at $29. Package options start at $49. The Cuff is available for pre-order with delivery slated for March 2015. It should run for 7 days  between charges and will work with iOS and Android devices.