Sponsored post: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy Traveling

It's almost Christmas and I know so many people who are leaving this weekend for their holiday trips, be it to visit family for the holidays or for a vacation during the break from school. One year, my family flew to Jamaica to not celebrate Christmas, to give my mother a birthday not-overshadowed by a Christmas tree and multi-colored lights. In the end, we had to visit a nearby hotel lobby, so that my youngest sister could have a Christmas tree and sparkly light fix, but we tried. In our house now, we celebrate Christmas, but purely because it gives my children a good excuse to decorate the house and get presents from their grandparents, as well as the opportunity to give something to others. Part of their allowance is "taxed" and set aside for a group donation. This year they have given their money to the food bank with specific purchases of food earmarked for other children. Because December 25 is also my mother's birthday, I've long been instilled with the knowledge that Christmas Day isn't the same thing to everyone, but it can be a good opportunity to do something kind for those near and far. 

My children (3 out of 4 anyway) still believe that Christmas is magic and that Santa brings them gifts. I hope they still believe that for a bit longer. A little magic is a good thing. When they are older, I hope that they think of Christmas as part of a larger Holiday Season when they will think about what they can give to those around them and all be Santa for somebody else. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, see Santa or not, we hope that everyone has a very happy holiday wherever you are. And thank you to KLM for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to write about the magic of Christmas. 


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