our house: update

I have realized that I I wait until I have time to properly clean, style and photograph ANYTHING in this house, I'll likely not show another shot until Mademoiselle L hits Kindergarten in the fall of 2015. So, the new plan is to just take it as it comes, mess and all and try to keep up with what we've been doing. I'm going to make it easier on myself and just shoot random shots on Instagram that I can pull together when I need to and shoot some specific shots when I need them, but try to keep my obsessive compulsive self from fretting over the degree of imperfection. If I wait for perfection, I'll be waiting forever. We have done something to every room at this point, but nothing is really done yet. We've done quite a bit of the kitchen & basement, started on 1 bathroom, torn out lots of stuff and not put it all back together yet and started working on paint choices.

Here's a bit of where we are right now. We are still only mildly painted- one bedroom, about half of the basement. We've had to re-waterproof much of the basement after a mini flood which has been a huge time suck (and sucked much). We've started some planting outside and lots inside. We've cleared out 2 old kitchens, made our scary basement stairs look almost lovely, but only managed to get through about half of the kitchen re-do and the main stairs are stripped of stinky carpet  but still patchy and full of holes.  We still have stained, insane asylum walls in our bedroom, every photo print and painting that we've hung so far are still just randomly placed on the errant nails that over every wall in the house. We still have bird tile in 1 bathroom and gold sparkle tile in another, but I no longer have to cringe every time anyones has to wash their hands over the decaying, rusted out drain in the first floor bathroom sink. We've laid 3 floors, installed lots of cabinets, shelving and all new appliances, but we have a long way to go. 

And I will try to keep it all on Instagram: