fun finds {for kids}


STICK-LETS are really, really, awesome. The idea is to help children reconnect with nature by aiding them in creating their own connections and structures with the world around them. 6 flexible little pieces that can be used to join and link whatever form of stick that's around- built forts, tents, crazy structures, whatever comes to mind. Available for pre-order in 9 different kits. 

Noé & Zoë 

I honestly can't remember if I've mentioned Noé & Zoë before, so here it goes just in case. I feel like I must have because everything is just so bloody cute. From Berlin, these adorable designs for little ones can be found online, at an ever growing list of US Stockists and even at J. Crew. Beautiful, bold colors, lots of stripes and just great, happy looks all the way through. You can see a sneak peak of A/W 2014 here on Paul & Paula and it's gorgeous. 


I love alphabet blocks, so finding a way to make them seem "new" and fun to those technically advanced babies that surround us now sounds like fun. In this case, using technology to bring the more traditional sense of play back into focus.  Wonderblocks is currently running it's Kickstarter campaign (ends Wed, Jul 30 2014 10:42 AM ED) to bring those wonderful old blocks together with new technology, as in your iPad. The playset integrates the blocks through the app and it looks pretty cool. For ages 3-6 (or those children who are old enough to not want to pound the blocks on the iPad screen). Find out more or support the campaign here