to do list: cooking {part one}

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2014-06-11 10.10.42.jpg

Now that our kitchen is marginally useable, I have resolved to start cooking for real, not the just boxed, microwaved or pre-made easiness that we have come to reply upon, but real food. Slowly, but surely, I'm working my way back up to full-on, frontal, raw, unfiltered food. My children will cry, protest, scream and possibly spit quite a bit of food at me (happens already), but I will keep on going. Today, as I type, with a rather nasty burn on my wrist, things are still a bit difficult in the kitchen, but it's getting easier. Hopefully. I used to bake and cook constantly, but lately it's just gotten easier to not- needing 4 different options fro each meal for 4 very different, very picky, nearly insane eaters has been hard. I've never been good at using actual recipes, instead just throwing together what pops into my mind or trying to re-create beloved meals from memory, but I'm going to give it a whirl.

I'm making lists of recipes that I intend to try. Not just the 3 ingredient cookies or quick and easy muffins that I've been kicking off the kitchen with, but a slew of recipes that create a sense of real food that I hope to sneak into our lives. Just like I've been sneaking spinach, zucchini and squash into the milkshakes. Though a vegetarian by nature, I am not a big fan of vegetables, so I'm working on my own acceptance of all things green and good that are grown in the ground. Here are a few of the recipes on my to do list. It's not all healthiness and sunshine, we're going for yummy goodies too. I've been pulling together ideas from some of the cookbooks I have here, pinning anything that looks interesting to my secret recipe board on PInterest, perusing our own RECIPES section and searching the internet for new options. Here are a few to get it going.