our house: the kitchen {update}

our kitchen, as it stands now, getting closer

our kitchen, as it stands now, getting closer

We have hit a close to being done spot in the kitchen. It's not done, but it's not starting to resemble where it will eventually end up. We've planned it out in probably 2 main stages- what we can do immediately to make it workable and then what we will go back and do later to make it pretty. Part one was supposed to be a quickie fix up to make it usable- replace the non-functioning appliances, yucky green laminate countertops and gross peel & stick floor tiles then paint the cabinets, but by our first morning in the house and increasingly over the next few days, we saw that quickie needed to be much more involved. Much of what we've done has been determined with issues that have pushed their way into the plan- refrigerator flooding the kitchen on day one, blinds on 2 windows falling off soon after, a dead range and a malicious washer/dryer set that managed to crack a window, more than half of our kitchen boxes sitting unpacked in the dining room and so on. When the whole thing is finally done, I'll do a post on the entire glorious experience of part one. It was supposed to be done in March. It's now August and we're getting close, as we work along with working on the 3 million other "little" things on the part one list that our house requires immediately. Here's where we are right now. 

We still have lots of little things to do- a few more shelves to mount, bins for over the washer and dryer, new doors for the closet, replace the hardware with the final version, paint and oil a few edges, add the stainless panel behind the stove, build a permanent cover for the hood, do the final stainless toe kick, remove the rest of the wallpaper and paint the main walls white. There's probably more. The plan is to eventually move the washer and dryer to the basement and redo that side of the kitchen with more cabinets and a better spot for the microwave and to replace the counters with marble (to accompany the lovely marble window ledges), soapstone. or maybe quartz.  We'll also deal with replacing the shades & the big florescent light and properly deal with the floor and backsplash/tile situation, as well as fixing the messy plaster whatnots that we are ignoring for the moment. 


I'll leave all of the details for the final post, but the quick version is:

Cabinets: IKEA APPLAD 

Countertops: IKEA NUMERÄR butcher block stained with Dark Tongue Oil, Stainless top over washer/dryer IKEA SANFRID table top

Faucet & shelf brackets IKEA, sink from Signature Hardware

Appliances: Range- Samsung, Dishwasher & Refrigerator- KitchenAid, Washer & Dryer- LG

Blue paint- BEHR Velvet Evening, White paint- BEnjamin Moore Simply White (to match the Applad doors)

Here's a bit of where we started:

in the beginning

in the beginning