IKEA's time travel experiment {Part 2 #IKEAtimetravel }

Here we have our second IKEA sponsored post bringing us the 2nd IKEA time travel experiment video. Once again, we have a couple hypnotized into their "future" by Justin Tranz while shopping in the IKEA bedroom & bathroom departments. This time we see Jeff and Beth roll right through from their quiet first apartment on to the loud teenage years with their son, all surrounded by the perfect for the moment IKEA bedroom. It's very funny.

We've adjusted our bedrooms over and over with help from IKEA as our 4 children have grown. We haven't hit the teen years yet, but I'm sure when we do, we'll be driving over to IKEA to readjust again. Watch the video below (or via this link) and see what IKEA can do for your ever changing needs:

Also exciting IKEA future news is the new kitchen line, SEKTION, which I was really trying to hold out for because it's modularly awesome, finally has a release date, February 2, 2015. Our Applad kitchen is almost done, so more on that and the new SEKTION line coming up soon. 


See part 1 of the IKEA Time Travel Experiment here.


* Thanks very much to IKEA for sponsoring this post. This post has been sponsored by IKEA, but my IKEA love is my own.