music: spotify playlist {one}

I've just been in a mood shall we say that's really keeping me actually doing many of the things that I normally would be doing. I don't feel like writing anything, picking up all of the toys that I keep tripping, flipping through a magazine, putting away the laundry, etc, etc. I have managed to make cookies, 3 kinds of muffins, ignore massive messes produced by my children, read with my daughter, watch TV and listen to actual grown-up music, not just our beloved Caspar Babypants. Tonight, if I can stay awake, I'll be watching Empire, which offers both TV and music. And Terrence Howard & Taraji P. Henson. So, there's that. And so, instead of working on something here that I really just don't feel like doing, I made a playlist in Spotify. Not totally sure if it will work though because I'm too tired to read the directions for Squarespace. And because I'm only ready reading beginning readers right now. (If I didn't, here's a linkNormally, this is where we would have a poem by Sean Flaherty, as we have had for just about every week since we started this site at the end of 2010. Today, we have music.