5 great: things for kids {and everyone else, really}

5 great: things for kids

5 great: things for kids

I have recently received review samples of 5 great products that I really love. The first 4 are fabulous even if you don't have any children, while the last one is pretty amazing  for those who have children running around their homes or offices. I'm planning full write ups of each, but in the mean time, here are the basics. 

earth mama angel baby calming lavender baby lotion

earth mama angel baby calming lavender baby lotion

Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavender Baby Lotion

Our entire family has been using Earth Mama Angel Baby products since my oldest son, now 9, was a newborn and we are still using our "Angel Baby" favorites today. We've just been sent a bottle of the Calming Lavender Baby Lotion to try out and we love it just as much as the many other products we've been using nearly 10 years. It's super smooth, feels amazing and has a light lavender & vanilla scent. As with all Earth Mama products, it's super safe, gentle and awesome in every way. 

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets

If you have a child there is a good chance that, sooner or later, you'll be dealing with a scar and some scars are just worse than others. My 6 year old recently had a rather nasty accident at school which resulted in LOTS of stitches on his forehead. Now that the stitches are out and the glue is off, we're beginning to use ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets to help reduce the scar. We like this option because it's easy to use and safe for our son to wear just above his eye. It's like sticking on a scar fighting band-aid. He likes that it makes him feel like his head is being protected. There are several other ScarAway products available to suit the needs of just about any scar you or your child might wish to help smooth away. 

The Jojoba Company !00% Natural Baby Oil

I love this and I'm so very glad to have received a bottle to test. The Jojoba Company's Baby Oil isn't actually an oil, but a liquid wax that is compatible with your baby's skin (or your own). It softens skin without clogging pores and is enriched with all sorts of lovely things that are good for your baby, as well as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and calming. It can be used in so many ways, from cradle cap to bath time. I've been using it on my super dry hands and legs this winter. 

Little twig Calming Lavender Baby Wash

Little twig is another brand that I've been using on my children and myself for ages. I love their products- super safe, great for sensitive skin of all ages. I also love Little Twig's Save the Bees project which purchases of their products help support (oder online or mail in your recepit and you'll receive a packet of wildflower seeds). Little twig products are available in Calming Lavender, Happy Tangerine or Extra Mild Unscented. I usually go with the Extra Mild, but the Tangerine & Lavender are lovely too. We've just received a bottle of the Calming Lavender Baby Wash and will be using it at bath time for, well, probably the whole family. 

Guardian Angel Shockproof Safety Outlet

This product is amazing. As soon as I read the email, I jumped at the chance to test it out. If you have children, grandchildren, spend any time with children in your home or workspace, this is a great option for outlet protection.  In-socket plug covers can easily be pulled out by most children, exposing the outlet and offering up a potential choking hazard as well. Over- the-outlet plug covers are cumbersome and bulky. And when you have a device plugged into an outlet without one of those big, bulky covers, any child can easily pullout a plug and be left with an unprotected outlet. The Guardian Angel Shockproof Safety Outlet takes care of all of that with an easy to instal device that actually shuts off the power to the outlet when it senses a child approaching the outlet and restarts the power when the tamper-attempt has passed. It's really super cool. 



** Samples of each product were received for review purposes.