music: spotify playlist {two}

So this is where I again explain away my lack of ability to get anything done with a playlist. I have piles upon piles of things to write up, oodles of pictures of new things that have been set free at IKEA in February (that I've had waiting around for more than a month just begging me to deal with them), several other posts started on Moonish & other lovely things, but instead of just getting them all done, I've pulled together another playlist. It likely makes no sense, but I haven't slept very much since before Thanksgiving and really not much more than that since 2004, so I rarely make sense at this point. All sorts of things have gotten in the way of doing what I should be doing, but right now, number one- or the excuse I'm going with right now-  is that I've hurt my ankle, which does not prevent me from typing, but it does mean I can't sit in a chair for long because the silly thing requires it be held way up in the air on a pile of pillows in order to not torture me quite as much. It's boring me out of my mind, but so it goes.  I will endeavor to do better soon.