Sponsored post: BoConcept & Mads Mikkelsen #THEGUEST

BoConcept & Mads Mikkelsen #THEGUEST

Part 2 of the Mads Mikkelsen short film series for BoConcept is now ready for viewing. In this installment, THE GUEST, which premiered yesterday, Mads' houseguest gets a bit confused about the surprise that Mads has waiting for him. This one features a lighter tone than THE CALL, both literally & figuratively, while featuring the multi-functionality and adaptability of BoConcept furniture. Beauty & function. 

What's in the bed? BoConcept & Mads Mikkelsen #THEGUEST

Shot on location again at BoConcept designer, Morten Georgsen's home in Valencia, Mads only has eyes for the finer features of his furniture, despite the fact that the house is overrun with bikini-clad young ladies. His guest, however, does not seem to share his compulsion and keeps hoping Mads' focus will shift. Watch the video below to see Mads Mikkelsen, Furniture Geek.

You can see part 1 here or visit BoConcept for more information on how to enter to win a BoConcept interior makeover worth $5,000.


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