Sponsored post: IKEA Expo 2015 { #IKEAtemporary }

IKEA Expo 2015  #IKEAtemporary 

I am a big fan of IKEA kitchens. I’ve already done 3 of my own and I love not only how easy IKEA makes the whole process, but also how customizable and adaptable they are. IKEA is now taking that a step further while looking forward to the future. By asking questions about how we all will be living, cooking, eating in our homes in the future, IKEA is building a concept of future possibilities which will no doubt lead even more exciting options for making our kitchen the perfect-for-us place we want them to be. 

IKEA Expo 2015  #IKEAtemporary 

IKEA has set up #IKEAtemporary at the Milan World Expo, a temporary space to bring together those ideas and explore the possibilities. Their 2025 Concept Kitchen, created by students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology, explores how bringing technology into the kitchen can make our daily cooking easier and more enjoyable, freeing up more time for living and enjoying life. IKEA HACKA is a kitchen that brings the IKEA Hack straight to IKEA itself with a simple modular kitchen that is meant to be personally customized to create a unique-to-you kitchen experience. And well, there’s more to come. For the next 6 months. IKEA has planned a full schedule of events, workshops, talks and cooking demos based around our lives in and around the kitchen.

IKEA Expo 2015  #IKEAtemporary 

IKEA Expo 2015  #IKEAtemporary 

If you can’t make it to Milan to visit the Expo, you can still be part of the conversation by visiting IKEA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @IKEAtemporary. 

"Even more brainpower can only be a good thing. We want your thoughts, opinions and feedback on what we could improve. We believe it’s much better when you tell us how you want to live – and not the other way around. You could say that IKEA has the ingredients – but you have the recipes." - Marcus Engman, Design manager, IKEA of Sweden.

To see more now, visit ikeatemporary.com.



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