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We review products for adults & children, including gear of all kinds, beauty/skin care products, books & music. If you would like to submit a product sample for review please contact our Editorial Director for submission guidelines {} or please use the link below. 

We do not return samples submitted for review. It is site policy for all writers to keep the items they review, so that they may actually test them out under normal daily conditions. Whenever possible items are then donated once the review is completed. Submitting a product does not guarantee a review, but we will likely only accept products for review that we feel will be a good fit for our site and of interest to our readers. We promote all posts on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. We do not accept paid or sponsored reviews of products (beyond accepting product samples). We do include very occasional, clearly marked sponsored posts, but all product reviews & all opinions expressed on this site reflect our own opinions or those of our writers.

We look forward to working with you!

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