GIVE: One World Futbol Project- Buy one, Give one

start out the new year by actively choosing to help make the world better, one action at a time, one day at a time

 Photo: Wayne Dunn

One World Futbol Project is, honestly, one of the best ideas I’ve seen. Amazing, incredible, wonderful & fun all at the same time. Inspired by a documentary on Darfur, in which children were playing soccer on a rocky field with a ball made from plastic bags, trash & twine, Tim Jahnigen realized that he could make a ball that wouldn’t be destroyed in a day by broken glass, concrete shards or barbed wire in areas devastated by political conflict or natural disasters. This ball has been field tested in some of the harshest environments from war zones, refugee camps, inner cities, and impoverished villages and even with the lions of the Johannesburg Zoo. 

By creating the perfect soccer ball out of the same material that composes a pair of Crocs, Jahnigen has not only given you a better ball for your child, he has made it oh so easy to help children in places that are far less pleasant than here. Oh, and while you’re doing all that, you’re giving those children a bit more fun, happiness and a ball that will just keep on going. You can buy your child, grandchild, friend’s child a ball and one of those very same amazing balls will be given to a deserving children in refugee camps, UN hot spots, conflict zones and poor villages throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. Play soccer yourself in the city or like to take a ball with you when you travel, buy one and you can kick it anywhere you like. As long as you can get it back, it will still be ready to go. This is an ultra-durable, all-terrain soccer ball, works on any surface without puncturing or deflating. You can kick across concrete, sand, grass, broken glass, muddy fields, any really ugly city lot, you name it, it’s ready to keep on rolling again and again. It will adapt to changes in temperature & altitude and never gets water logged.

Rory Earnshaw Photography, 2010Don’t have a child to buy for or play footie yourself, buy a ball to be donated and a second will be donated as well. Or buy one or a few for for a local organization that needs durable balls that won’t pop or puncture- no pumps, no needles or patch kits needed. One ball just keeps on going, even when run over by a car. Children need lots of things, food, water, shelter, but they also need fun, exercise and a little bit of peace, even in the harshest environments. Whether you’re sending a ball to Swaziland or giving a ball to a Rec center in the South Bronx or your local after-school program, these balls can make a difference for so many children in such a simple, yet profound way. 

Just since July, 2010, One World Futbol project has already distributed balls in 59 countries through nearly 100 different organizations working for peace and development, such as Right to Play International, the International Rescue Committee, FUNDaFIELD and UNICEF, in some of the harshest environments thinkable, both physically and politically. If you’d like to help fund more balls for children around the world or buy some of your own and in turn give to others, please visit the One World Futbol site for more details and to purchase these amazing balls. If you have an organization that needs soccer balls, discounts are available for bulk orders plus you’ll be saving yourself on future replacements & pumps, not to mention time lost to repairing and inflating flat balls. 

Below is a video that gives you a glimpse at this amazing ball in action and at what you can do by buying one & giving one One World Futbol:


   A short film by Sam Kauffman, copyright 2010, One World Futbol Project