SEE: Miranda Lake

village green preservation society, 2009, encaustic collage, 30x40.I met Miranda a very long time ago in Chapel Hill, NC, but haven’t seen her in quite awhile. I came across a link to her website through a mutual friend and decided to take a look, not really knowing what to expect. I didn’t even realize she was still painting, I just vaguely knew she had been in New Orleans. I’m not easily pleased or impressed, especially when it comes to Art, but with the first image I was more than impressed and very pleased with what I’d found. I clicked through every image, more than once, and was very glad that I have a place to share her work. Her style is a gorgeous encaustic photo collage filtered through imagery and influences from her life in New Orleans & it’s battle with the elements, the past & the present and an amazing amount of beauty found in unexpected places. The animal & stamp motifs interwoven with the presence of the encaustic are truly striking. The pops of color and graphic contrasts that roll though the images are truly beautiful. These works exist as vivid dreams. I’d gladly have a houseful. I’m not going to write very much, I’d rather just get right to the images. I’m impatient and they can speak for themselves. If you want to read more about Miranda, take a look at this article from myNewOrleans.com or please visit her site. Visit her site anyway, there are oh so many gorgeous pieces than I’ve included here, among my favorites are, well this list would be too long, just visit the site.

Miranda Lake is represented by Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NC and Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, CA. She can be contacted through her website.