Inspiration: A bit of everything... (part 2)

Here we go, even more of the lovely things I’ve seen in the past week that just couldn’t fit yesterday. Though, right now two lovely things that are not included here are my new soapstone counter tops- which are fabulous- and my nearly as fabulous 10” deep square stainless undermount sink. Oh, and its 2 lovely new faucets (yes, there are 2, but more on that another time). I’ve always though I was a farm sink person, but I have been converted. I really underestimated how happy a big deep sink could make me, but so does everything here. And I know that all the great ideas I came up with to get this kitchen into shape, came from culling through all of the images that I’ve been looking at while working on these posts. There are quite a few things here from Rue Magazine, which you should check out directly, and which I love, especially the Novogratz piece. Now, without further digressions and the like, is the rest of this weeks lovelies:


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