Inspiration: A bit of everything...

So, I wanted to write something here, but I’ve got a blasting headache and my seven year old is sitting next to me asking endless questions, most of which I can’t even begin to answer. I recall saying that yes, I would be happy to live in Paris, but beyond that I’ve lost the thread and also, the ability to think, form sentences or function it seems. Below, before we get to the pretty pictures, is an edition from Tucker Nichols, Portrait of Sandy from Far Away, available at 20x200. A portion of the proceeds benefit Printed Matter in Chelsea which was damaged in the hurricane and losing 9,000 titles in the flood waters. More in the vein of Art for goodness sake, launching today, also at 20x200, is Art for Sandy Relief, in collaboration with Time. All net proceeds from the sale of the selection of prints will go to charities working directly on the ground to aid recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy. Another lovely item now available at 20x200, though not an aid edition, is the second image below, from Matthew Tischler. I was considering buying it for my daughter for her 3rd birthday, but nobody else thought she’d really appreciate it. She may not appreciate it now, but she might later. I would appreciate it now, but I guess that’s not really the point. Anyway, she’s getting glitter glue pens, a Dora doll, a toy stroller, purple skinny jeans and a huge pink bean bag chair instead. All of which she picked herself and all of which she will love and enjoy, maybe even more than I’d love another Matthew Tischler in the house.


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