Inspiration: A bit of everything...

I’m starting this off with an image form one of my favorite artists, Cecily Brown, whose first edition for 20x200 is now available. Super cool say I. Following is a selection from the many images I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks. Yes, I’m on summer time, so there is no rhyme or reason to when and if I get things done right now. So very many lovely things. I’ve been trying to get through all of the images form the many Resort 2013 collections and have pulled a few more from Fashionologie, one of my favorite places to easily see it all in one place. It’s not quite a few images, really and I still have more to follow (I’ll be perusing Alexander McQueen, which just posted momentarily), so I’m pulling them over into their own post with probably one more to follow after that as soon as I can get it together. So now, here is’s the non-fashion portion of the day wrapped up by one lovely shot from Vogue to set the mood for what’s to follow. It’s actually from Erdem’s Spring 2012 collection, but it is fabulous and since I pretty much expressed my desparate love for the Erdem 2013 resort in the last set and failed to put up nearly enough images, it seems fitting.





























Source: vogue.com via Green Spot on Pinterest