Inspiration: Fashion

So, after a bit of a break, we’re picking up with the last bits of Resort 2013 and running straight into a bit of Fall 2012 Couture. Only a bit, I’ve been busy for the past week mostly trying to wrap my little head around how to move this site over to the very lovely, flashy, far prettier version of Squarespace now that it’s out of beta instead of looking at pretty things, but if I can work it out this site will be far more pretty itself. And I do love pretty. And cool. Super Duper Cool. Honestly after part 2 of my Resort run through there wasn’t much that caught my eye anywhere. Surprisingly, it was Gucci that I liked the most. Surprisingly because I honestly haven’t paid much attention in the post-Ford era, but maybe that should change. As a former hard core horseback rider, Gucci has always had a sentimental appeal which comes out in this collection with a super sleek 70’s jetset chic. Other eye pleasers were found at The Row, Burberry (whom I always love) and a bit from my beloved Marc Jacobs (MJ & MbMJ). Not my favorite collections ever, but I love him no matter what he does, so it really doesn’t matter does it? I just started glancing at Fall Couture, so far, not much really captures my heart, but maybe I’m just too hot to look at tweedy bits and woolen whatnots. Oh, except of course for my other most beloved, Elie Saab. I cannot recall one single piece by Elie Saab, ever, that wasn’t fabulous. If it exists, I’ve blocked it out. Strong yet oh so pretty, gorgeous. (Again, images via Fahionologie, go visit for the whole shebang)






































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