Inspiration: A bit of everything...

So, this is my token post for the week perhaps. Perhaps not, but I’m not holding my breath. We are supremely busy trying to actually get the house done over the next few weeks. My hands are covered in paint, I have 4 chairs to recover, a birthday to plan for a 4 yr old that only wants a robot, just a robot, much more painting, working on the bathroom, pictures to re-hang, gardens to conquer, the list goes on and on. I’m sneaking in a minute before I get booted from the computer again. I did however manage to order a very cute jacket and pair of shoes for birthday first. Priorities. And some jeans. One can never have enough jeans when one is surrounded by squiggy mouths and stickie hands, mud and various unmentionable gloppy yukuses. What one can have too much of is ruined pretty blouses that one never should have dared to wear in ice pop and melty chocolate season. I’m popping in a few things below before I go back to figuring out how to hide the cable box and learn about bouncing signals and whatnot. Oh and rebuilding the plan for the new Media etc cabinet for the living room that my son just wiped out. Pretty pictures are so much more fun.
















Source: byzoe.fr via Green Spot on Pinterest