Inspiration: A bit of everything...

I just want to start out by saying that I am so very, very far behind on everything right now. Same excuse as last time, it’s summer. It’s summer, camp is over, school is still more than a month away and thus I am spending every waking moment finding ways to entertain my 4 children and way too often loosing out at turns for the computer. It’s wearing me out. Right now, in this moment that I write this, 2 of said children have passed out and, as a result, I’m getting a moment that probably won’t last long. I’ve just tried skimming through everything I have to choose from to put into this one past and it’s overwhelming. And I haven’t even had a chance to go in and pull hte new things I wanted to add. I am way, way behind and so I’ll just ignore that and think about something else. It’s been happening over the past week or so, but I have just consciously remembered my devout love of Cy Twombly. Maybe it’s looking at my daughter’s drawings which very much remind me of his beautiful work. So beautiful, his and LuLu’s, it hurts. She’s two, maybe that has something to do with the similarities. Freedom, love, the desire to just do. I can’t capture that here, so instead, a few of the lovely things that have caught my eye over the past many weeks. Things I really want, but don’t have yet: my own Twombly, one of those lovely Donald Baechler flowers, the very pretty $74,500 vintage blue Birkin bag I just saw (not really, but it is pretty) and a room that will hold a painting the size of small house itself and a barn big enough to paint one in. And the time to get this done in less than a week.






























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