Ring, Rang, Rung





the only mother I have,

the only mother I have,

the only mother

I have,


I make

the phone call

to see

how she’s doing,

if she still believes

in the Kennedys,

global warming,

to share


about the


parts of our small



and to say

I love you,


Music: Sweet Celestial Twang

Out now from Merge records on vinyl as a prelude to a new full-length album due in early 2013 is the self titled first album from Mount Moriah. Accompanying the eight songs of Mount Moriah are exclusive bonus tracks from live radio station appearances. Each album comes with a coupon for a full download of the album and bonus tracks. Even if your record player has a broken belt this release is worth getting for just the download. These songs explore a blend of folk, country and rock better than anything I have heard since Uncle Tupelo’s Still Feel Gone.Read More

Inspiration: A little bit of everything...

Due to some rather tedious and annoying technical difficulties, this is all I could manage for today.

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very talented
I used to drink a lot
a lot
stopped drinking,
we were having
at Veselka
he was being
really intense,
he said he’d stopped,
he’d stopped drinking,
he said it was
harder at the times
when he 
missed it
as a 
tamping tool,
one thing
he said
is I learned
don’t think about you
half as much
as you drink
they do.


Books: There's A Rumpus Going On In There

Poetry anthologies seem these days to be a much maligned sub-species of the book world. A large part of this is related to those huge, supposedly canonical compendiums of all that is worth reading, such as the Norton anthologies. But I remember back to the days when younger and first discovering poetry, when it was the various anthologies available as mass market or small format trade paperbacks that introduced me to such poets as Kenneth Patchen, Gwendolyn Brooks or John Asberry.Read More

Inspiration: A bit of everything...

I started off last week with all sorts of good intentions, having just aquired something that I knew would make me happy to look at every day (hopefully it will arrive soon). I then actually started and nearly finished several posts for the rest of the week with the intention of wrapping them up later that night. Right at bedtime, my 4 year old had a very nasty accident, so I spent the rest of the night pretty much covered in blood. Not very inspiring is it. And then the week just got away from me with colds, flu shots and more general yuckus. And again last night we ended with a trip to the Emergency Room for my 2 year old. So, now the most inspiring thing I can think of is looking at images of built in coffee machines or gorgeous italian espresso machines. On that note, here are a few of the lovely things I managed to spot last week in the few moments that were not filled with child traumas and whatnot. Not to mention the 300 pairs of jeans I have tried on in the past few days just trying to find one pair I like that fits until I can get back to pilate-ing my but back into shape. For the moment the house is still for sale and I am still looking over other house projects, working out what to do with spaces that seem possibly wasted and yes, where to install a fabulous built in coffee center that magically produces perfect coffee with little effort on my incompetent part or a giant double sub zero. 4 children eat more that you could ever imagine. I’ll skip the links to bathtub scrub (which actually works really well) and the mundane bits that overtook my attention when I was way too tired to understand what I was doing and stick to the pretty bobs. And I will even try to shove in the rest of SS2013 Fashion this week if nothing else gets in my way. 





















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